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Webinar: StopCovidNI smartphone app and how to use in the workplace

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Following short presentations by both speakers is a lengthy Q & A session on the app and the Test Trace and Protect programme in the workplace.

A list of the questions and times they were answered is below.


20.47 – You have been informed by the app you need to self-isolate and you’ve done this. You are just about to go back to work/ have just arrived back to work  and you get another notification that you have been in contact. How does this work?

22.05 – Why are you unable to download the app on older phones?

25.40 -   If you are contacted by track and trace and told you have been in close contact  with someone who has tested positive, must you then self isolate for 14 days, or can you go and get tested and if negative carry on as normal?

27.33 - If someone is positive and has input a code,  surely they shouldn't be out at all for the isolation periods, therefore isn't there a huge risk that those positive won't input the code if they wish to remain out and about??

29.38 - We are in a retail environment. Our teams are all in PPE throughout the entire day so if they were to get an alert relating to a patient or customer, they would NOT need to self isolate. However if we cannot access any detail about WHERE the contact occurred, how do we know if the contact happened whilst in a store (don’t need to isolate) or outside of work (would need to isolate).  This is a huge risk to us from a staff absence perspective.

31.23 - Does the Stop Covid NI app work in all of the UK and further afield?

34.02 -  Eddie mentioned the 15 min 2 metre trigger - Is this cumulative or does it have to be a continuous period of 15 mins e.g. will the app calculate if contact was 3 times by 5 mins over an 8 hour period?

38.56 - Is the public health looking at automatic tracing of those positive rather than voluntary?

41.29 - Where is the best place to find out information for the rest of the family who live in the same house if I have to isolate?

46.07 - Why does the isolation days left come in the COVID Care app and not the StopCOVID app?

47.39 - How is data used by the health service?

49.47 - What would happen if a member of staff who was working in the office got a notification to say they should self-isolate, as they have been in close proximity with someone who has tested positive, what would that mean for others in the office (who either do have the app and didn’t get a notification, or don’t have the app but know that someone in the office has been asked to isolate)?

53.05 – If an employee has been notified that they have been in an area close to a person who has tested positive but showing no symptoms would you apply the same rules?

54.10 - I live in ROI but work in NI. I have both apps downloaded and I know only one can be run at time. Do the apps talk to each other or are they connected in anyway?

55.09 - Would you advise those in an office location who are socially distanced to switch off the application to avoid false notifications?

55.31 - Are cloth masks as effective as the surgical masks? cloth masks are becoming very popular but are they safe or should we be using the surgical ones only?

57.56 – Does a face visor offer safe protection?

1.00.05 - Is the only way to turn off the App by turning off your phone Bluetooth?  i.e. can it be turned off in App without disabling perhaps connections to other Bluetooth devices which you may be using?

1.01.25 - Previously there were statements that if you cannot maintain being 2m apart then mitigate the situation by working back to back. Is this still relevant? Would the app flag this as an issue?

1.04.08 - Can the app be changed to a different language?

1.07.13 - If you dont get contacted by the tracing team , you dont need to isolate , even if you have been contacted by someone you have been in close contact with to let you know they have tested positive?

1.09.36 - How do I know being contacted isn’t a scam?

1.13.04 - Do you foresee a spike in number of cases when school return? Would students be advised to have the StopCovid app on in class?

1.15.17 - What about schools if a child in their protective bubble shows symptoms does that mean my child is going to have to isolate?

1.18.23 - Is there any more information on potential vaccines in the UK?



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